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Envy confessions

I envy no one in particular but, their success. It's the eye of the beholder of what defines "success". To me success would be to have a good paying, meaningful job that I enjoyed and/or having a loving mate. To this day, I have neither. So when I see others having both (when I would be happy just to have one) it makes me feel ill. The sad thing is I used to be so genuinely happy for other people's success because I believed, "My day is coming too." What an overly optimistic dumbass I was.


  1. Try learning their secrets to this success, it will help.


I envy women cause when i watch a women get down on her knees and licks her lips as she unzip him and pull out his manly cock i want to suck his dick like a women and be treated like his bitch ready to serve a mans dick
I admire how hard working and determined you are. I really do. What I don't admire is how vapid, self-conceded and selfish you are. I wish I could throw you out of my life. Unfortunately you always get what you want, and that includes rubbing your success in my face every single chance you get.
I have a younger sister who seems to have it all. She is incredibly small and thin, with large brown eyes and the clearest skin (she is well aware of the fact btw). She graduated from a top tier science school, scored a job out of graduation and seems to have guys - young, our age, and ever older ones drop at her feet like flies. Even guys that are MY age, and even a little bit older than me, are very clear and non-discrete that it's her attention they want. And quite honestly it KILLS me. I grew up thinking I was pretty, smart, funny and out going. But in the last couple of years, since we've both gone to college and then met back home for the holidays with friends and families, it's like I'm not even there. On top of that, she's one of those people that loves attention and is absolutely unapologetic about anything around/about her. Sometimes I just get so CONSUMED with how bad it makes me feel. But I realize that my reaction is the wrong approach. I shouldn't give a flying f*** if she posts a wide-eyed, flattering picture of herself with a celebrity she ran into on the street (no joke). Reading my post, I'm realizing now that her favourite thing to do is to cause intrigue, and to promote herself. She does it well, and she has alot of incredibly beneficial and helpful circumstances (ie her amazing physical disposition, and an equally strong work ethic/ambition).BUT. Allowing jealousy to cloud over me over it is just giving her the product she wants to create. I need to WANT what I have, and create for myself what I want. Enough of this bull-shitake.
I envy the people who know their culture and native language. My family was stripped of this because they were born into slavery and forced to forget everything. The only thing I know is that my grandfather was 75% Mexican and he spoke spanish to me when I was a child. He passed away when I was 8 and everything I knew was lost.
I envy people who have everything given to them. I have had to suffer and sacrifice my entire life for me to be rewarded nothing but selfishness from others. I envy those people so much that I hate them.
you know that you shouldn't feel envious of anyone!!!! you don't lnow what goes on behind closed doors!! those skinny gawjuss young barbie dolls you are jealouse of half of them probably have eating disorders and don't the damage they are doing to their bodies and were suppose to envy that?? the family that have the brilliant home and trying to keep up with the jones are so much in debt that they will top themselves if they have anymore! yet were suppose to be envy of that too?? you don't know what goes on behind closed doors so next time ask yourself if your life is that bad?? you can't travel to cities! WTF? take out a loan and go pay on credit card if you wanna go that bad or get a better job! one is only poor only if they choose to be, having loads of miney will not answer your sad problems as it lies within be proud of someone who has done something not envy them as you can also do the same.......... i'm not rich at all i have a poxy job with shit wages i have a home that needs knocking down and i don't get to go abroad and aint been abroad in the last 18 yrs and to top ot all i am over weight and sick!! but i have 2 lovely daughters 7 and 4 and a loving husband who love me no matter what and are totally devoted to making me happy as i am to them! that makes me the richest person alive!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm skinny, and I don't have an eating disorder. Envy me! :D


Im envious of my girlfriend for the fact that at 21, she traveled 3x times to as many places in the world with her parents than i did and im 28, she went and visited like 6-7 countries and a lot of cities. She experienced a lot for her age and I wish that my parents werent divorced and that we had been able to travel like that all together like my girlfriend did and experience stuff like she did. She's a princess, a totally spoiled single child and likes to brag about her travels while i sit there and envy to no end... I love her with all my heart but i absolutely cant control those feelings.


  1. Tell her how it makes you feel. If she cares about you, she'll take it into consideration and adjust her behaviour even a little bit. If not, she don't care. Alternatively, go on a multi country (europe, balkans, central america - anywhere were there is a compact, and concentrated amount of countries)


I wish people weren't so selfish like on this board. I wish you would be thankful for what you have instead of looking at what you don't have. I wish you would stop complaining when some people in the world are dying because they are starving or their bodies are being ravaged by a terrible disease. It makes me angry that so many people complain about not having boyfriends, not being as pretty as their sisters/friends, and other bullshit. Grow up and be thankful and start doing something good for the world you live in and stop sitting around on your computers and homes crying because your boobs are small or your not thin enough. People are dying in wars, children being sold in sex trafficking,etc. You people make me sick. Think of others before you think of yourself.


  1. Seriously, go f yourself. We realize that 'feeling sorry for ourselves' is wrong which is why we've come to a website called "SINFUL feelings". Its necessary to get bad feelings out of one's system if you want to end up a happy and PRODUCTIVE person... ie Productive enough to help other people who may be less fortunate than us. So, why don't YOU stop whinning on this site and go do a number of things for other people.


  2. Totally Agreee


  3. I agree with you!


I envy all my friends that have grown up lives now. Buying houses, getting married, having kids... having good jobs. I'm a fucking cashier.


  1. Now that you know what you want, chase it and make it happen. And remember "even if you miss you'll land among the stars".. its the 'getting going' that counts.


I hate/envy two girls at my school who are both named Amber. I envy their personalities, youth, and brains...I'd love to see them dead. If I wasn't so sure I'd get caught (because I'd have to investigate and track them down), I'd do everything it took to get rid of them. I don't like feeling that way.
I was five seconds from strangling my sister. I heard my dad stiring in bed and rushed to my room before I could do it.
I envy and hate people who are skinny (no matter how skinny they are--even if it is dangerously so).
I envy people who believe they are loved or have relationships.
I'm envious of the beauty my friend and sister possess. I hate them enough to want to see them dead or utterly miserable.
I've been inlove with the same girl for over three girls now, but have never gotten anywhere with her. She hs known my feeling but never shared them. I realised about a year ago that we would never be together so I moved away but that whole year i was with other women always working on trying to get over her, not one of these women meant anything to me and I never got over her. Now I moved back still hoping I could make things happen, no results. She has a boyfriend now, and I envy him so much, I wish I could be him for just one day so that I could just one have her love me back.


  1. Maybe the girls you're dating to try and get over her ACTUALLY AREN'T that great. Not to make you feel worse, but just to say, there are some totally awesome girls out there who you right now, don't know you want to date. But they're there. Just get out there. You have to find ways to make you ACCEPT THAT THINGS WITH YOUR EX ARE OVER. You'll be better off for making that leap.


I've been watching youtube videos of nuclear bombs being detonated. i envy their ability to make things end, without hangups, without remorse, without regret. I wish my relationships would be so consice.


  1. lol. me too.


I'm so Jealous of you and for that I hate you. You came into my life and gave a taste of what I couldn't have. After you left and broke my heart and soul,the worst part was the fact that you could do ANYTHING you wanted and got EVERYTHING I wanted but couldn't get due to my shyness. I got hurt everytime I saw those pics of you partying like a crazy person and sleeping with random guys. I hated the fact that you had so much friends (of course, who didn't want to be friends with a super outgoing,hot and succesful girl like you?) and lovers. IT's been a long tme but that scar still hurts like a motherfuck and you still have a better life than me. I'm seeing someone now, but they can't compare to you(physically) and I hate mymself for feeling like that since I Know she a BETTER person than the selfish monster that you are.My envy toards your life is destroying me and I want nothing more than to let you go.I wish I could erase all you from mind forever, Erin,I wish i've never met you. I hate you.


  1. Wow, amen.


I'm jealous of all these bitches that grew up with everyone kissing their ass so know they have an ego the size of the fucking moon. Worst still, ihate that fact that with their super confidence they realize their dreams and live great lives while still dissing the unfortunates one like me. I do my best but i'm always one step behind...How can I beat them?!
I use to date a guy for 9 months. My first love. I still love him today. We ended mutually, but I felt bitterness when it ended. Months later we found that we are still physically attracted to each other. We became friends with benefits for almost a year. Today he told me he thinks he's been detached from God by being intimate with me. He's a very religious Christian and he knows he already broke the rules. It hurted me when he said we should try and be actual friends. we've been stuck so long only knowing how to act as a couple but never friends. I told him it was fine. I want wants best for him. I understand because I sinned myself, but I don't care. The truth is I still want us to share intimacy physically even if his feelings for me died.