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Gluttony confessions


  1. I want to apologize for sexually using you while you were drunk mom.


I love food :)I always eat also when I am bored its become a habit now
I used to be a size 8, but after intensive purging, diet pills, and fasting, I was able to fit into my first size 7 skirt.Then, I made a chocolate sponge cake and coated it in a creamy vanilla icing. I ate two big pieces of it. I also had a coke and a Starbucks coffee, some barbecue chips, and a couple of Funions.Now I'm afraid I won't be able to fit my obese self back into the size 7 skirt. I can't stand to look at my body. I weigh 150 lbs at 5'6 and feel absolutely disgusting.


  1. You never know what some guys will be attracted to. I really don't know a size 7 from a size 13... except that one is larger than another. I can tell you that I saw a customer service rep today that was stunning. She was wide in the hips with really full thighs ...and totally hot! (wtw, I'm fit and athletic if that is key to the point.)


I have eaten so much I now weigh 450 lbs, and I cant stop. My husband likes the weight I have gained, and I am scared because as much as I like to eat and feel myself getting fatter, I am scared that I will turn into a 600 lb eating machine not able to walk.


  1. Go with it and stuff yourself silly. You know you love to eat and be fed. The fatter you get the more your husband will want you, Eat and exceed his wildest fantasies.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...YOU WEIGH ABOUT 3 OF ME. Oh, being skinny is great.


  3. I can walk but its very hard. Its a chore to stand up from the couch. My legs are so big now that I have sort of developed a waddle.For those that ask, yes I have a "gunt" its very heavy and gets in the way. I keep eating and eating and trust me, he is not looking to cheat on me, he begs me to eat and eat more.While I am quite the fat woman, I am kind of enjoying it.


  4. your husband is looking for a reason to start cheating on you!!! eat on fat on


  5. You probably have a GUNT. Does he have to put on the mining helmet to find your cave? I bet he ties a rope around his waist and ties the other end to the bed post just to ensure he doesn't call in! Keep eating!


  6. You sound beautiful. If you are both into it, go for it.Soft and fat is sexy.


  7. Your husband is an idiot. Can you walk at 450?


I stole the cookies from the cookie jar.


  1. I had a feeling it was you all along. D:


  2. oh my god!


i hate myself mostdays as i love my self some, i feel disgustingly fat even though ppl say am normal or skinny or whatever ive been on diets on and off for 7 yrs and im only 17 i eat no matter what ill go outta my way to eat. anorexia and i have met before just as well as every damn razor i can find.
AN unfortunate drug allergy landed me in the hospital. When I got out I was prescribed drugs to help me. One of the side effects was that I could not lose weight. I also had to eat to take the pills. My confession is that I used the medicine as an excuse to eat eat eat. I gained 50 pounds in less than I month and now I am struggling to lose it.
I confess that I am completely aware of the self destruction I am causing to myself. Alcohol, cigarettes, prozac, cocaine and starvation. Overwork, over compensation and meaningless sex. I'm not even doing it for the attention. I just want to know what it feels like to hit rock bottom so that I know what happiness feels like.


  1. i know how you feel. my life is boring and sucks in general. i am so ready to give up.


  2. It's not all its cracked up to be. Trust the commenter who has the relative with two months left.


  3. If you want to experience extreme happiness and Euphoria I strongly recommend that you try an ecstasy pill :)


  4. You shouldn't be doing this to yourself. A family member of mine is now paying the consequences of doing these things to his body. Before he wasn't in a happy relationship. Now he has two sons that he loves very much and is happily married and my not live longer than 2 months and if he's lucky up to 10 years. Now he wishes he would have taken care of himself. You never know what the future holds.


  5. when you hit rock-bottom, you wont be able to rise and feel happy again


I smoke an 8 ball of dope a day. Without the taste of chemicals flowing through my veins i feel extremely lonely. Drugs is a part of me. In fact that is probably the only reason i am writing a confession. I prey every night to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for just one thing. I prey to never withdraw again.


  1. Your loneliness has another inner cause that you can conquer to be happier. I'm not just speweing stuff at u here.


  2. If you feel "complete" with the drug and it doesn't have any real repercussions in your life, then, well, live.Don't turn to ghosts for guilt derived from fairy tales.So many people live with drugs, hence why drugs continue to be all over the place despite all the "wars" on them, that it's simply propaganda that makes anyone feel guilty.


I eat even when I am not hungry. I want to be thin and sexually attractive. Why can't I just stop eating and be thin? I want anorexia. Right now I have bulimia...I just don't purge.


  1. Next time you feel the urge to eat, smoke ye some tobacco


  2. You need to figure out WHY you eat, since it is not out of hunger. You need to figure out the root of the problem and go from there. Learn to love yourself first and you can learn to love your body. Anorexic thin does NOT equal sexually attractive. Anorexia = hair hair falling out, organ failure, death.. yeah that's hot


  3. Then just exercise silly. Athletic ones are hotter even if they're not that thin. The fact that you try will add to your appeal. Portion control will come easier then because you'll feel better already.


  4. so you mean you are a binger since you dont throw up... I am similar to you. While not overweight, I am a bit pudgy and feel unattractive. I want to be skinny and sexy too but I think I need motivation. Too bad we dont know eachother :)


i am a male bulimic and i do not know how to ask for help. i am ashamed because it is a disease of women


  1. Take it from me, I AM GAY and that "bulimia is for girls" thing is just a stereotype. ANYONE can be bulimic not just girls and gays. Get help for it and your life will be so much happier.


  2. Get some help - don't be ashamed. Bulimia is not a 'womens disease' - its something that can affect - and kill - anyone. Please get some help. Good Luck.


  3. It is NOT a disease of women. Thats a common misconception as well as how people think breast cancer is for women. Both men AND women get breast cancer and eating disorders. You need to find someone you trust, such as a family member or friend and just tell them. Maybe, if its really hard, which I'm sure it is, try sending an email or text message or letter where you can be totally honest about it. You need someone to support you to break you out of this. I knew someone that was anorexic because her family always called her fat (though she definately was not). She almost died and was in the hospital for weeks. Dont put yourself there. You are damaging your body. Dont you want to live a long healthy life? Good luck to you.


I go months barely eating sometimes to lose weight and become really skinny so for one glorious week I can eat as much of whatever I want and not worry about getting fat.


  1. You could give yourself diabetes...


Tonight I found a box of doughnuts that someone put in the fridge downstairs, and in the last 3 hours I have eaten 6 of them and they are not even that good, and I am not even hungry, I just like to eat.
Last night I was so baked out of my mind, that I ate 2 frozen pizzas, 2 bowls of ice cream, a half of box of mac and cheese, 5 sodas, chips, 2 pieces of cake, and a bite of a raw bratwurst. I had to say, today was a good day.


  1. Thats what im talking about :) Lets blaze it and pop pills :D


  2. Dope.


  3. Everyone whose gotten high has seriously munched out at least once.


I ordered lasagna last night from an Italian restaurant that delivers. I had just had a box of chocolate donuts. I ate 2 orders of lasagna, 2 orders of garlic bread, and drank a bottle of cheap wine and still had room for a pint of ice cream before I hit the bed.


  1. I was going to confess that I drink a bottles of wine by myself. I just hope what you say is true because it makes me feel I'm not that bad, could be worse. I only eat small portions, and I'm still a size 2 after years of doing this, problem is I think I've drank myself stupid. My memory is shot.


I tell myself that I will lose weight but I am too weak to resist eating food like a pig.


  1. Just become a powerlifter then you can eat all you want ;)


  2. yea. Its hard... Try finding someone in your situation you can talk to and be honest about it with


I used to love who I was. Now I look in the mirror and I hate what I have become.


  1. You can still become something you can like. Start with a daily walk. Try more water and sleep too.


I'm such a fat cunt. Iv tried so hard to diet but nothings coming off. just had some skinny bastard that i work with say to me ... "you can borrow my jacket it'll fit it's massive" when it was pissing down with rain. I just didn't need to hear that. i don't even thing i'm THAT big... but everyone else seems to think so which that brings me from the highest of heights to rock bottom. Gluttony is a such a downfall.


  1. try masturbating with lots of covers to sweat some off.


I am 23 years old and I still suck my thumb and play with my hair. I can't stop. I have been hiding this all of my life. Only my family members know about my habit. No one understands how embarrassing it is to live with. I want to stop but I don't want to go to a shrink. I think it's too late for that. This habit is a part of me now. It partly defines who I am. Hopefully I'll find someone who loves me for who I am and can accept the habit. I will probably live this way for the rest of my life.


  1. It's never too late, a shrink won't judge you, and you need to stop beating yourself up over it if you ever want to be happy. If it bothers you that much just see the shrink and don't settle for just a medication.


I LOVE HEROIN. its the best thing in the world. if god made something better than heroin he is keeping it to himself. its better than sex. i can honestly say the best feeling in the world is fixing up a syringe full of H and getting ready to shoot it. then having your girl suck you off and right as your about to cum shoot the H and JESUS its heaven. ive been doing H for over a year and now im on Methadone. the meth is a lifesaver honestly but at least once a month i give myself a little gift and go pick up a bundle (13bags) for $80 and shoot 4-5 at a time. i end up falling out with lit cigerettes and burning myself. but oh well i cant feel it.


  1. Heroin is the stealer of souls


  2. nah dude nothing comapes to the greatest drug in history... ECSTASY PILLSS <3333