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Greed confessions

i watched porn and masturbate. i meet two guys just for fun.
I have a girlfriend who my my parents know and we plan to get married but my parents dont know we got together bcoz she got pregnant but after she miscarried and somehow I felt good it happened. Now I wish we were never together but I pity her coz shes young and cries alot when we argue. She also confessed after that she had an abortion once amd it fills me with doubt even though I had one of my former girlfriend do the same. Am smoking again but my foks still think av changed. Am so in the devils fuck list


  1. Is birth control so difficult to do, selfish asshat? Also, you could turn to using an e-cigarette and vaporize instead. Not to mention discerning between love and lust from the beginning will really help you.


I watched phonography and masturbated to it


  1. if I was there I would have fucked your brains out


This girl I went to high school with was really horrible to me and I hated her immensely. A year ago she had a baby with a heart defect and it died after a week. I feel bad for the baby, but I feel it was karmaic justice of some soft.
im all was joiuse of dum people that are cool
I have a husband and a boy-toy and I'm still not satisfied!
I've been trying to get off drugs for a while, I'm not on anything hard, just benzos and other tranx. Anyway, I never used to be this bad but things got shit and i just needed something constant to depend on. Mum got cancer, its terminal. No going back. I took her morphine the other day. She was in so much pain she couldn't straighten up. I just left the house and masturbated at the end of the garden behind the garage. Saddest thing is, when I looked round the side to check no one could see me, I spotted my farther crying in the kitchen.


  1. get some help.


I am so selfish! I am more worried about my feelings than anyone else. Jesus forgive me!


  1. no.


My boss thinks I'm a great employee because I listen to him and work hard. I could care less about him and his business. I do listen to him and work hard when he's around but when he's gone I work on my online business which has recently started doing better than his.


  1. good for you!


I just spent $47K on a Dodge Challenger when my family members are suffering. I'm so selfish but happy.


  1. Sociopaths are very successful because they fend for themselves only. you are lucky because nothing can hurt a conscience you don't have.


  2. oh wow that sounds like fun, screw your family, u got a col car!


I have racked up $55,000 in credit debt on things i dont need. I'll never be able to pay it off


  1. wow thats just dumb


I am a receptionist at a hair salon and every month I steal hundreds of dollars worth of hair products.


  1. That's awesome.Who doesn't take things from work seriously?


theres is a bank done the road that im planning on robbing, i robbed a convenience store in my old state but i only got 57 bucks and a pack of cigarettes. But this bank has the hottest teller in it and im debating money, or the chance at her


  1. If you can't even spell down how the fuck do you plan on robbing a bank? Not the brightest crayola in the box huh?


  2. you are not robbing anything you dumb fuck. You know that this could be evidence in a trial.


  3. take the woman and run :)


I stole items from my grandfather's house. I sold the items and used the cash to buy a bong I named "Gramp".


  1. HAHA, that is comedy!Were they items that he really liked? Jewels or something really sentimental? If so that's pretty gay.If not though, if it was like dvd's or some shit, no big deal really.


I want money, and power. Although I know this will never make me happy. I still want them both.


  1. Me too! haha.


  2. Me too! haha.


When I worked for a large retailer, I falsified $10,000 worth of refunds over a period of 1 year and pocketed the cash. Loss prevention caught me, but I only admitted to taking a few hundred dollars and payed it back. God I'm glad I'm not in prison.
i'm supposed to share my tips with the kitchen help in the restaurant i work. i never give him the 30% my boss told me to. because i think i deserve it more.


  1. A job like that it's the real sin to attach your tip income. Fuck your boss.


  2. I understand... But, you know what? What goes around, comes around. It's never more true than in food service.


  3. I understand... But, you know what? What goes around, comes around. It's never more true than in food service.


  4. thats fucked up I hope they screw you over too and get you in big trouble


I have 100 dollars to last me and my family two weeks but that didn't stop me from pigging out at Burger King today and I bought a case of beer to drink over the weekend. My wife is going to be pissed when she finds out


  1. Mmmm.... Burger King. I might have to hit that up now. Thanks...


  2. Mmmm.... Burger King. I might have to hit that up now. Thanks...


I stole my grandfathers pain pills and sold them at school.


  1. The only legitimaye reason to steal old peoples meds is to get high yourself.


  2. Does he really need them? Are they expensive? Can he replace them?If he can't, then that is hella gay.I'm sure you made a nice profit too so I just hope that you didn't really screw your grandpa over.


I'm wealthy, but I always want more. I think I'm going to buy a Mercedes G-Wagon, simply so that people in other cars will know that I have more money than they do. I shouldn't like that feeling, but I just do anyway.


  1. get a rolls royce if you really think you're the shit


  2. Hey, some people don't give a fukk if you've got an expensive car. When I see one, I think that person must have loads of debt and I'm grateful my 18 year old car is paid off. I owe nothing.


  3. I had a G-Wagon once. 1983, a 300GD. Like Ken Laye and Eric Clapton. Not really the sort of people to be associated with. Now I own a VW. It´s gotta be german.


  4. You probably shouldn't show off... but I'm not judging for that. The lame part is, that you plan to show off by buying a WAGON! How lame.


  5. You probably shouldn't show off... but I'm not judging for that. The lame part is, that you plan to show off by buying a WAGON! How lame.


  6. Giving is the best way to leaving a legacy...The people you help never forget you...especially if life throws you a curve ball in the back....


  7. Hey if you've got it, show it. Maybe you could also help organizations such as Peta and the Humane Society too.