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Lust confessions

I am an older, divorced, extremely submissive male who loves to suck cock and eat sperm. I want to do this in front of a woman, that is my ultimate humiliation, to suck cock in front of a woman or even a crowd. I want to be exposed by a dominant man as his personal cocksucker. I want my ex-wife and girlfriends to all know I am a faggot cocksucker.


  1. One day (maybe in your lifetime), you'll have an avenue of real human cocks to suck in front of your ex-wife and girlfriends. Never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dreams. Dig deeper into your dreams and deeper into yourself and believe that anything is possible, and make it happen.


I'm a good looking married guy that loves sucking big cut cocks!Kellypolesmoker gmailI'm near Chicago


  1. I love cock too. My wife doesn't understand. I try and visit gloryholes as often as possible. My only regret is its taken me so long to find I worship cock. And CUM. OMG cum is king. In my mouth and ass all over and over.


I am a married white man in Buffalo, NY (Tonawanda) I am of late obsessed with the Cock. I want to kiss, lick,suck,and swallow cock, suck and lick balls and ass and get my cherry virgin man pussy fucked. No one knows or would suspect me of wanting cock so much. I am shaved slick neck to knees and lotioned daily, soft and silky smooth. I love to dress in woman's clothes and high sexy heels, love painting my toe nails shocking Pink or whore Red. Super clean ddf... I can't get cock out of my head I crave it 24/7 I want to be someones weekly sissy fag. I love the name Seanette jamest48 @ msn. com Write me


  1. I'm having the same issues. Definitely a bottom. All though I did fuck a guys ass a few days ago with a dildo up mine. Came really hard. But I prefer to get POUNDED and swallow cum


When I was13 my mom was a black out then pass out cold drunk. The first time I noticed this was late one night I went to the bathroom only to find mom passed out cold in the bathtub with the currtain open so for the first time in my life I was able to see what a girls body looked like. I just looked at her blobs nipples and pubic hair. I was afraid she might slip under the water and drown so I tried to wake mom up. Calling out MOM AND SHAKING HER SHOULDER. Mom didn't at all. This is when I realized that nothing would wake mom up. All night all I could think about was mom's body and how different it was from mine. Her big nipples and her pubic hair was amazing to me. Now I would get up very late at night to go and see if mom was passed out cold again. I would find her passed out half undressed or completely nude. I started to take pictures of her body to be able to jerk off while looking at the pictures. Soon I tried to feel her up by touching her blobs and sucking on her nipples and fingering her. Everytime mom drank and passed out I would be able to do whatever I wanted to do with her and she never once woke up. I tried eating her out and found that if I touched her clit she would moan and move her hips and I was afraid of her waking up so I never touched her there again. One night I found mom passed out cold on her bed sleeping on her side and I could clearly see mom's butt and vagina and I thought that if I could get into the spooning position with her I might be able to slip my penis inside of her from behind her. After I stopped shaking from fear I got into position and easily slipped my young penis inside of her. The feeling was incredible and so comforting that within20 seconds I was Cumming inside of her and I didn't even pump inside of her. Mom was my first everything when it came to sex. My first boon vagina and sex. Mom conntinued to drink for the next six years and every time mom passed out I would try to have sex with her. Mom never once woke up and never said anything about all the cum I left inside of her and on her. This is an absolute true confession. No lies and no embleishment at all.


  1. I believe you. My best friend did similar things with his mom. Humans are capable of anything.


  2. I think you are absolutely great. I've always wanted to have sex with my mother but never got the chance.


im an older married man and I cant get enough of looking a huge blackcocks. it feel the need to suck cock and be fucked mindless as their sissy slut even to the point of being owned and whored for them.


  1. Me tooo Big black cock gets me sooo excited I wanna suck one sooo bad, and get fucked by it too. jamest48 @ msn . com I LOVE BBC


When I was 9, I played basket ball with this older black kid. I noticed he would get a wild hard on that would dance all over the placed. I didn't think it was real. We went back to whose his room and he stripped to show it to me. But I wanted go back to basketball but he insisted I helped him get it down. So I did what I had to do.



ok... I have been looking at those preteen model sites how they model erotic in stockings/panties etc... i also have alittle niece turning 6yold so thought it'll be good to get her into modeling too. We both went out and she saw a princess little dress so i got it for her. When we came back, she really wanted to try it so she did and we with some cute posing and took photos. I remembered i was given stockings and g-strings from a adult store on display so i got them out and said here try this on and picked out the smallest g-string and knee high stockings which looked like thigh high for a kid and got the garners on. Oh my she looked very cute so i got her to do a rear bending pose and the view of her with the stockings and the long brunette hair and all, i had a big hard on. So with that same position i got her to pull the panty to the side and at this moment my dick had alittle bit of cum squirt out and was ready to blow my load but had to hold back. The next was to sit on the chair and have her legs wide apart and to sread it again and the way her tight little pink pussy was looking at me, i started to rub my cock as it was acheing. I then got close to her and lubed up my dick and slowly and gently rubbed up and down on her trying to see if i could get it in and i acually did get abit in but blew right away as she was very tight. and so thats really it.


  1. You are a sick fuck who needs to be castrated.


  2. awesome


for years i would not swallow my husband cum (or his friends for that matter) then one night i got more drunk then usual and i swallowed his cum as he was watching then realise i could control him just by swallowing his cum. even got him to get screwed in the ass by some guys while i was sucking him and he loved it, i think he like the blow job and swallowing more then the 8 inch cock in his ass.Oh yeah those stiff cocks up his ass i screwed them too.
I badly want to suck my neighbors cock he's so sexy I know that he's married with kids. but the kids are almost never there and the woman is gone many nights. uggh, I want to be a good boy. whats going on? why's this happening? I know that it's wrong...but I just want to kiss him all over his dick. I want to ask if I can lick and suck his balls... I treasure him very much...I want to buy him semenax so he can cum like the king I think he is... he saw me sucking a banana like it was a dick a few months ago through my he knows that I'm in need of feeding. I wish he would feed me his balls. I promise to be a good boy.. we can be discrete. I feel bad because I'm so hard now. I look up to him. and I hurt in my heart.


  1. You fear of our GOD what the hell you talking, it's disgusting


  2. You fear of our GOD what the hell you talking, it's disgusting


  3. You fear of our GOD what the hell you talking, it's disgusting


  4. You fear of our GOD what the hell you talking, it's disgusting


Hi i live in fla lately iv been have casual. sex with other men .It seem like all the men i meet just want to suck my cock eat my cum .why is this?


  1. Hard to guess without some background. Married? Straight, gay,bi,curious? How long have you been doing this? What exactly is your point/complaint?


My name is gerry and I am married. I love sucking guys cocks. I suck their cocks and swallow the loads when they cum in my mouth. I fuck myself in the ass with a vibrator and even a bottle to stretch my man pussy. I want cocks in my mouth and ass. I want to be raped in my ass and mouth. Made to suck a room full of guys cocks off and swallow all their loads. I want to whole world to know that I am a married cocksucking cheap slut whore cocksucker.I can deepthroat a looong cock and you can cum down my throat and I will walk around digesting your cum and it will be part of me forever. I sucked a guys cock and played with his cum in my mouth, then swallowed it all down. I cum on my wifes tits and lick it up and swallow it all. My wife knows I am a cock sucker and I am proud of being a cocksucker.I will suck any cock I can get my tongue on and make you cum like you never came before.


  1. I LOVE YOU and want to have You suck my cock while I suck Yours, let's to a 50 man gang bang and eat tons of cock, maybe even swap cum loads with a french kiss. sissy seanette buffalo, ny


I'm a 45 yo mwm in St. Louis mo and even though I enjoy sex with my wife , I also love sucking cock and being fuck bareback by other married men. When my wife would travel I would hit craigslist looking for other married guys to please . After a long dry spell on C/L I talked with a guy in a hotel near the airport on craigslist . Told him I didn't have much time because I had to pick up my wife at the airport soon and didn't know if we would be able to hook up. He said" perfect , get to my hotel room right now , I want the taste of my cock and my cum in your ass to be as fresh as possible when you meet her . He stated I should be wondering if she can taste his cock on my lips and be thinking about my freshly fucked ass as we drove home together. I was so turned on I raced over to his hotel and dropped to my knees as soon as I was inside his room. He told me suck my cock married man , you're going to make me hard so I can fuck you till you are full of my fresh cum in your ass as you pick up your wife. I was sucking his cock and begging for his cum in my ass . Told him how much I wanted his load in me , he smiled and said you need to suck and lick my ass before I'll give you my cum . I said I'd do anything for his cum , and as I licked his ass , he kept asking if I would be turned on having my wife watch as I put my tongue in his hole. It made me blow my load on the floor . I was instructed to gather my cum and spread it on his cock as lube. True to his word he filled me with his load as he had me licking the remainder of my cum from the floor


  1. I want to meet u getting. very hard reading ur post


I need to make a confession. I play a lot of video games because I hate the real world. The real wold is cruel. Ive been cheated on and it sucks. So i told myself, fuck love and play games all day. Thing is I got to talk to alot of people online as well. There is this one player. I got really close with her. She also happen to live in the same city. I got her number and skype. Ironically i played games to not fall inlove but i fell in love with someone thay i played games with online. She has very attractivr pictures on skype like selfies and just in a bikini. She also taken a liking to me. So i confessed to her. At first she said no and began acting hard to get. She degraded me saying i was too easy and that i was no challenge. So i started to ignore her. She still messages me in game and in skype. And i casually talk. I dont try to initiate anything. I was hurt but i dont want to be a dick. I swear after my whole phase of being depressed and not fully trying to talk to her, she starts talking to me more often. As soon as i start showing interest she would tell me how she slept with so and so and made out with so and so. To me that is BS. She knows i have feeling for her and she does this to me. And so my phase of not fully starting convos once again occurs. Its like a cycle. Happend atleast 2 more times and i said fuck it and stopped playing games and deleted her from skype. A few days ago i got a call on my cell. It was her. She was crying and seemed really scared. I couldnt jusy ignore her so i drove and found her at a bus stop. It was also raining hard. She was all wet. I could see her bra from her white shirt. I was getting hard. However she did something really stupid and hot high on something and gave her a bad trip. She told me the directions to her house. While i was driving i guess she calmed down a bit and fell as sleep. I started getting thought in my head. But i fought them. When i got to her place she invited me over and wanted to "thank" me. I said no... She said if i ever change my mind we can reachedule to a different date. Thanks for reading i know its long. But heres my confession. I am 24 and she is 16. I feel so bad feeling this way over a kid. But... I cant help it... I know its wrong but i am in love with her...


  1. Dude just guck her shel be your wife anyway!


i went out the other night cottageing ' met a guy in a local haunt and began giving him head , it was not long and there was six other guys there , so as i am a ' male slut ' i dropped my pants for a bit of ass action , i was really enjoying it getting passed from one to another , then another guy came along taking his dog for a walk, he joined in aswel , but his dog kept sniffing in also, sniffing cock but mainly my ass, then the dog lept up and started humping me ,someone said he wants to fuck you, i said any cock will do but you'll all have to fuck me again after, no reply but someone helped him get his cock i me , it was like heaven i've never been fucked like that before,he fucked me for a good 10 miniuts, then he was exausted and laid in front of me while the 6 or 7 guys fucked me again. as i was about to leave the dog owner approached and asked me if i'd like to call at his for a drink, i accepted , well i stayed for 3 nights and fallen in love with the most handsome allsation i've ever met, the owners not bad either, and all three of us sleep together, if ones not fucking me the other is,i'll be staying there again this weekend and who knows i might move in ,i have been asked.
I'm lusting for my ex boyfriend who is 15 years older than me... I wish he was here to fuck me... What I wouldn't give for him to eat me out and then fuck me doggy... And before he cums, he places his dick in my mouth so i can swallow his seed... Uhhhhh... Masturbation won't even sate me so no point in doing it.
I can't stop having sexually desires with my bf he is amazing but I don't want to have sex but when he fingers me makes me go crazy, nd I start doing things I don't want to do like two nights in a roll he ate me out I don't like it, but I love it when he does it!!I don't want to have sex!!! I don't love him tho nd he says he loves me..!!I finger myself a few times and I feel dirty but I still love it !!


  1. You are just in this relationship for the sex and you knew it from the start. Do not attempt to act innocent. Be honest with him and break it off if he does romantically love you after you ask him. Also, you are a stupid bitch on several levels. Seriously, be responsible and not rush into things.



I can't stop having sexually desires with my bf he is amazing but I don't want to have sex but when he fingers me makes me go crazy, nd I start doing things I don't want to do like two nights in a roll he ate me out I don't like it, but I love it when he does it!!I don't want to have sex!!! I don't love him tho nd he says he loves me..!!I finger myself a few times and I feel dirty but I still love it !!
I've been married for 20 years and am reasonably sexually active, I have more desire than my wife my issue is I have never been able to masterbate it just doesn't work.Over the years I've tried a lot of things and have resorted to using a vacuum cleaner, fitting a toilet roll into the top and inserting myself into that. The vibration makes me come very strong. I have also taken to putting a dildo inside me at the same time, which makes me explode even faster, I must say I really desire real cock a lot more now but I'm not attracted to guys just being pumped. I don't think I would have started this if my partner was more active or i could pull myself off. Anyway that's my confession sick or not.
I am Bruce Burke of Beverly Ma and just got my ass kicked and knocked out cold by my girlfriend when she caught me in her panties and garterbelt sucking my gay neighbor David Feminos cock She works at a gym in Salem Ma teaching womens self defense classes and a personal trainor ,so she had no trouble knocking out my sissy cowardly ass ,she wants it known to all the people in Beverly Ma that I have lied to and fooled for years that I was a big tough masculine guy ,and wants me to confess for the public ,so I can now never deny it ,that I wear panties ,my cock is only 3.5 inches hard and I dont really like women ,I just used them to cover up the fact that I like men and sucking and fucking there cocks ,and yes I am not tough ,but really a sissy coward who has been beaten up by two women and many men ,much smaller then myself So this is my confession and every word is true and I now fully admit I am a little cocksucking queer ,Bruce Burke,of 20 sohier Rd Beverly Ma Apt 415,I am ashamed and apoligize to the people I lied to and the women I have tricked into believing Iam a real man instead of the cock lovig little sissie I really am


  1. Awesome... Bend over you little bitch. After your hot girlfriend finishes sucking my cock, I'll fuck you silly!


  2. Who are you and when can I expect to suck your cock and be fucked by you all night long ,You have me masterbating in my panties just thinking you might know me and come over and make me your sissy bitch


  3. I will visit him and suck and fuck him all night long.


Hello friends, My name is Rohit, I am 28, single and originally from saket, New Delhi, I m looking for a female companion/friend to watch movie in weekends. Someone that we can start out as friend. I used to watch movies alone every weekend, I can spend money but don’t have any friend..the only son of my parents.. I am a friendly, well educated funny nature easy going and down to earth guy, I love dining out, movies, art, humor, I like to travel, photography and exploring nature. I enjoy the simple things of life. i live with parents, we are three in all in family (parents and me)…if you are movie and traveling soul and looking for the same, we can start to talk and know… I hope to get some responses and hopefully one of those will be that I am looking for. I thank you for taking the time to read this I am posting my email. if something positive does which I am hoping than I will be get in touch with that person Email me if you have any question or wanna know more about me…please do not hesitate and feel free to contact…