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Pride confessions

I'm proud of my pet houseplants, my ablilty to cook, my moderately upscale car, and the fact the I am becoming an okay musician.
I don't want kids right now because of how much they fuck up your figure and take away all your free time! At least I'm smart enough to realize that I wouldn't be a good mom and have a kid because everyone expects me to!


  1. Amen, wish more women would think like you! to many lazy selfish bitches on welfare.


I have a huge penis, and I know it. I really do. I've developed a reputation for it, and everyone who knows me knows about my endowment. My girlfriend brags about it to all of her female friends, and I don't try to stop her. A couple of years ago I "shared" a girl with my best friend ("tag team") so he would see how huge my dick is... knowing that he would tell all of our mutual friends. I use my penis to intimidate men and sexually dominate women. Honestly, my large cock has allowed me to garner more power over both females and males than I ever would have achieved through money or status. I'm drunk off my huge penis power and use it for selfish, prideful purposes daily.


  1. Wow. As a guy with an "average" penis, I frean' HATE YOU.


  2. Holy shit! I would sell my soul to Satan for a big dick. +1 on jealousy.


  3. You just go on with your shallow life and friends. It is really sad when you base your life on your dick. It pretty much shows you have no other interesting talents.


  4. I'm a size queen, so I understand why your cocky. I was banging a guy like you once. Too bad you guys not only have big dicks...but are big dicks. Sucks for me.


  5. You're an asshole, no doubt. But, any guy with a monster dong would act the same way so i really can't blame you. guess i'm jealous- but that's a completely different sin!!! lol


I am most likely the best at everything ever and no one can beat me at anything and if anyone was to challenge me i would decline cause i know i would win and i wouldnt want to make anyone feel and/or look bad.


  1. Sounds like a relative of mine. You'll never know how it's not working for you unfortunatly... Good Luck.


I am a stage actor and being a young female I often have to compete with other young females for roles. I'm don't normally gloat over my roles for plays because I don't often get big roles and I know better. This one time, however I just felt like fucking God after I got my role. You see I was competing with another girl I wasn't very fond of (she got a lead role to soon and acted like a Diva as a result)and I wanted to beat her back down to size. So when I got the role she wanted it felt awesome. What is better is the fact she threw a hissy fit and got banned from preforming.


  1. She got banned from PREFORMING? my guess is your still in High School. Don't get too excited.


I am so glad i don't wake up every day wishing I looked like someone else or had a different personality, face, or body. It must really suck not being happy with who you are because that's something that's not going to change... I love me.


  1. I wish I knew what it felt like to wake up liking who I was, you are very lucky.



i attended mass at my local church recently and started to feel sexually attracted to one, or plenty of the choir boys. i started to caress my groin whilst listening to the beautiful voices of the, thus far sexually inactive boys, and i started to see how much the boys wanted to suck my manhood. i couldnt stand the desire anymore and had to go to the confessional chamber and masturbate. it was the best orgasm ive ever had and, although its wrong, am going to find out if any of the choir boys want to participate and turn my fantasies into reality. particuarly the one at the front, 2nd from the left- he's cute!!!!


  1. Sounds like you're in the right church..... ultimate protection would be to become one of the clergy......Get some help....before you ruin someones life... what right do you have to do that?




  3. fucking disgusting. paedophile bastard. you need to be executed


  4. retard mf... just wanna shock us.... get a life


  5. u sick fuck


when i was about 11 years old i was a ballboy at a norwich city vs man utd game. the ball was out of play and came near me but still on the pitch, and, being immature i was undecided as to whether i should set foot on the pitch and get the ball or leave it. i decided to get it but it was too far to throw, so, being quite a good footballer i decided to kick it. but men's footballs are a lot bigger and harder than boy's, and it went about 10 feet!!! i didnt know what to do so i sat back down. 25,000 people started laughing at me thinking i'm a twat for not being able to kick a football.


  1. That is a crack up. First time I have laughed today!!


I Love It When a Loser Makes A Silly Comment & Acts Sarcaastic 'bout a Guy Who Feels Like a God !! AND they Both Seem Pathetic.. & I Feel Divine Just For Gettin' That Idea !


  1. No, just feel like someone wasting time on trivial matters with a false sense of importance.


I feel like a god.


  1. hahahaha genial!


  2. hahaha that's hilarious. get over yourself


I know that I'm better than all of my friends. I'm smarter, prettier, and more capable. It's looked down upon for people, especially women, to think so highly of themselves, but I find nothing wrong with it.


  1. Wow... you sound like one of my sisters.... to bad you'll never know that it's not working for you either.


  2. Is this the Mama of the baby we just got custody of? My God, it sure sounds like you Tiffany, always about you isn't it.


  3. Can you really call them "friends" if you don't respect them? It sounds like you're all you've got.


  4. Wait until you meet the guy you think is at "your level"; Only to find out that he thinks nothing of you other than body parts and an accessory to his life.


  5. Ok you sure are full of yourself. I bet if you had people judging you against your friends they would find different qualties in your friends that are better than you. Get over yourself and stop thinking you are better than your friends. It means you aren't a good friend.


I have the best body in my entire gym. I enjoy it when everyone stares.


  1. Congrats, you must have worked hard on it.... some people require attention in that way. Maybe you're one of them. Nothing too horrible there.


  2. It's only good when others compliment you...not yourself...bonehead.


  3. It must be nice to be full of yourself


yeah! i know im the shit!! All them wanna-be players i played just don't know. idiots!!!
i am the best salesperson, and that makes me happy.
Me and my girlfriend having been going out for a couple of months now, and I told here that I love her, but only after she told me that. When the truth is that I can stand her, but don't want to hurt her feelings. So I keep going along like everything is okay when I'm in hell.


  1. You better jump ship pal, one day you'll be going along not hurting her feelings and BAM there's a baby in your arms and a ring on your finger...... I'm a woman but I see it happen all the time. GET OUT!!!


  2. You must not be too much in Hell since you are still with her! Some men are LOSERS!!!!


Forgive my pride. I have it all... but I am poor. I think I'm a gift to the world... but everything I have is a gift from you. Without you I am hopeless. Today I empty myself of me.
I pretend I have serious OCD, when really it is quite tame, because people respond so well - they forgive me for being a bitch and let me have my way all the time.


  1. Manipulative much? Be careful, you will be exposed for the liar that you are.


  2. That Rocks!!!


I'm proud that my country (for now) is ok with me being gay. I feel safe for the most part, I have equal rights. I can love and be loved in return and there is nothing anyone can do about it!
I'm a stay-at-home mum with a university degree. I'm 173 cm tall and 57 kg, which means I am skinny. My stomach is as flat as a really flat thing. I'm proud to be raising my son and happy that I get to stay home, or go shopping, etc with him all day while all you other suckers have to go to work! I got me some brains. Mwahahahahahar.


  1. that's actually fat. i'm 173 cm and 52kg, have a university degree, am hot, have a good career that pays loads, and I don't have your attitude, thank God! I wouldn't dream of gloating like you. get a life lady!


  2. Your brain is as dumb as a really dumb thing.


  3. Hi, Sorry, I know this comment has probably been here for days and whichever cock munch wrote the above, they will never get to see this response, however I feel I need to say... Shut the fuck up, just cos your dad left your mum and she had to go out to work all the time while you were fucked by your uncle - don't be hating the stay at home mums! Thats a wonderful thing to be doing with your life and everybody should take responsibility for devloping their knowledge of the world, despite not then using it to slave away in a capitalist society. Go get a degree in "how not to be a twat".


  4. A woman with a university degree wasting her life as a stay at home mom....yeah you are reaaaaaal smart *rolling eyes*


  5. I hate people like you


I am proud that I can walk away from everything... Everything... Family, friends, love, anger, comfort, life and not look back for a lone second...


  1. Prediction: One day you'll have walked to far to prevent yourself from being alone, lonely. I'd be careful. I hope you don't or haven't walked away from your children. Walking away might feel great for you but can be detramental to those who love you. You can not be alive on this earth without each step you take sending ripples through the world and the lives that you run into. Life is precious and too short, I wouldn't be so proud. You'll end up alone.