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Sloth confessions

I can stay at home for days and still feel like I haven't had enough time to rest before I have to go to work.
i want to confess that i have watched porn and i am feeling bad about it because i have gave promise to my self not to watch but i did. now i am feeling gulty.
For the past couple years random people have been asking me why I look so sad. I'm in some kind of stupor. I have no energy and I'm in pain. I read that the cure for sloth is to gladly do good things for humanity. Is this true? I'm weary of being charitable because you never know how people really are, the nicest people are often the most vile. Would it not be wrong to be generous or kind to someone who does not deserve it? My arms ache from typing... I can't even think straight. Going to lay down


  1. It sounds like you're depressed, maybe you should go to a doctor.


  2. That's a very good idea, I've actually thought of something similar myself, but I don't have the funds for such a lifestyle. Why don't you give me $200,000? Oh, I've tried liquor and crack together, I don't think it's easy to die that way, just gives you one hell of a hangover.


  3. sounds like there's no help for you. start smoking weed and doing party drugs. enjoy things like clubbing, concerts and chilling in the park or on the beach for some years. then when you're about 35, rent a motel room, buy a shitload of liquor and crack, and kill yourself on a classy OD!


I feel horrid. Just giving in to a wave of apathy and sitting in bed all day. I'm so anti-social and incoherent recently, and even when I do try to talk I seem so out of sync, no one can understand me.


  1. Go out, think positive, meet new people, good people, find a hobby that makes you HAPPY.


Everyone tells me im very talented but I don't care. I just sit here and only keep my efforts to myself I would rather be on welfare than be responsible and get a job.


  1. No one likes moochers..don't forget that..especially if your able-bodied.


  2. lazy piece of garbage


I called in sick because I wanted to have a fun day and all I did was stay home and watch tv and nothing was on. And now I'm on the computer.


  1. Good.Sometimes a day off is a day off.They are yours to use as you wish.


I spend too much time on the computer, to the detriment of my schoolwork and other things. I can't quit cold turkey because most of my schoolwork is posted *on* the internet.


  1. I'm rather addicted to the internet too and have been for quite some time.I talk on aim more than anything else and most of my friends play mmorpg's. I used to for like 6 years, but now I can hardly play a video game anymore.But I still sit at the computer all the time. Stumble..stumble..stumble..


Today I faked sick from school, and smoked a joint for the first time by myself. I then went back inside and went in the shower and drew some naked women on a sheet of paper in the shower. I then masturbated to it while I fingered my asshole. I then got out and went on the computer, and masturbated to web cam girls. I then masturbated 3 or 4 more times throughout the day... It just feels so good stoned. Then I ate 15 candy canes...


  1. You had your day. I think this would have felt 10x better after some hard work but hey who's going to complain about an orgasm?


  2. "I masturbated to my naked women drawings while fingering my hole in the shower" haha. that thought makes me horny.


  3. "Then I ate 15 candy canes..."This made me laugh TY


  4. Getting stoned rules.


I'm starting not to give a crap about anyone. No one treats me the way I treat them. My man NEVER compliments me and only gropes me. He doesnt love and adore me. Every day my heart breaks because he doesn't treat me like he should... My friend.. I dont know if I can trust her (my only friend) and no one cares about me so I just dont care anymore.


  1. without expectation...


  2. This is about: I'm,me,I,my,me,me,me,my,me,my,I,I,my,me,I... Try giving some love first with expectation.


  3. FIND someone that cares about you. I promise there's someone out there. Make new friends and don't give up. Things will get better.


I'd rather buy a new house than clean this one.
I have 138 papers to grade and all I can think about is my stupid fucked up divorce.


  1. well I wonder why! a divorce is a big thing. Maybe you can get a friend to help you do the grading?


I've had the same dirty dishes in my kitchen for 2 years.


  1. time to get cleaning!


I was speeding in my SUV to get to my hair appointment and ran over a small dog, killing it. I know I should have stopped but I just kept going. The area wasn't real safe for a girl to stop but I could have called the police or the humane society but I was just too ashamed.


  1. in cold blood. read it


  2. I've done this before too :( ......


  3. thats soooo sad!


I've peed in a pool because I was too lazy to get out.


  1. me 2


I just want a carefree, hedonistic life. No responsibility. Just drink, and smoke, and play. No more school, total abuse of parents money. No more paying rent, no more midterms. I just want to have good times, playing with the boys, talking with my girls. Hedonism is the only way to go.
My roommates are so lazy! One time when it was their turn to do the dishes they just let them sit in the sink until maggots began to grow on the leftover bits of food. And who do you think had to clean up the nasty business? YUCK! I gotta get my own place!


  1. Well first off, when it gets to the point where the dishes are MOVING, its not just your roommates faults. Its all of you. You all need to work together to clean. IF you cant do that for the dishes, throw out ALL Of the washable dishes and have everyone pitch in to buy disposable ones. My sister went through this and blamed it all on her roommates too but you all live together. YOU knew the dishes were getting gross...


Often, I blow people off because I'd rather sit in my bed and watch tv. I hardly do my work in school and when I do, I always copy of somebody else. Sometimes, I think I'll never amount to anything because of this.


  1. Trust me kid, school isn't as important as you'd think. As long as you find something you actually WANT to do and pursue it you'll be fine.


  2. you're going to turn out like me man, working just enough to exist........ it sucks man, don't do it.


I have so many things to do, study, clean my apartment, do laundry... but all I want to do is go online. It sucks.


  1. me 2


I was too lazy to go to work the other day so I got my roomate to call in and say I that I had had an anxiety attack and was at the hospital. Then we sat on the couch and smoked weed for the rest of the day. I dont think theres anything remotely stressful about my life.


  1. thats brilliant.


Every moment that I am alive is agony. My life has been hell. Somehow everyone loves to see me suffer. My mother is a lying schizophrenic murderer. My father was a rapist and a drug addict. They abandoned me and left me in abusive foster homes for most of my life. I will never be happy it is not possible. Now I am dying from 3 different diseases, and I might be pregnant. But my body is so diseased and hollow that either me or my baby will die. And I am only 16. Everyone thinks I am ok. But they don't see me crying every night, wishing that I would die. Thats why I i never stopped doing all of the drugs, and I intentionally have sex with guys I think have STDs. I just want to suffer, that is what I am used to. I am so self destructive. I don't think I will live to see my eighteenth birthday. And honestly I don't care. Everyone has abandoned me. God must hate me.


  1. i'm not going to go religious, but you don't owe it to anyone to pick yourself up but yourself. i have sufferred as well but perservere and it is that hope that makes me better. nietzsche said ... those who do not kill me, make me stronger.


  2. hey you. God has actually made you tuffer then the rest of us. just cause you ain't got it going for you right now but have you ever thought of giving yourself a new chance? just wash your hair, get into some clean jeans and a nice t shirt and go walk in a nice town where people do actually smile and say hi to you because you look like a nice person that you arre from with in. and all this time ask God to give you a sign that He's there with you... thats truly worked for me. so you had a bad past. don't mean you should have a shity life and future! your having a kid. let it be your goal to bring it up better then how your parents did for you. don't do what your parents did to you. your kid will be greatful to you.


  3. God is closer than you think. The word repent means to change your mind or to think about things differently.Turn your heart to God and if you are sincere He will make himself known to you and speak His peace into your life. A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.


  4. God loves everyone... Don't give up. Get clean. Go somewhere new. Accept god, and pray to him and everything will be alright. Just pray. Things will look up.