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Wrath confessions

I'm angry at my brother. I'm jealous sometimes about his success. Sometimes he's so stupid, and can't be patient to him...need more patience
Am I the only one who thinks that rapists need to be sterilized after the first offense?


  1. Of course not. Rapists should also be marked with a facial tattoo.


I hate my mother for many reasons. 1 She lies about me to her friends to make herself look good.2 She tried to throw out my clothes after divorcing my dad. Even, makes deragotory comments about how I steal men's attention away from her when I am not trying.3 She is impulsive and does not think of consequences. Opening her big mouth to start fights.4 Likes to compete with me in any skill.5 She is a SLOB! And chews with her mouth open at home.6 Treats doing a gesture for others as an obligation. Just selfish.7 Wants attention constantly and a crybaby.8 Is very rude in social settings and to service clerks. 9 Unfairly judges others and superficial.10 She still resents that I am not her clone.I gave her a makeover before, but she was unhappy that it was something not from her own effort. Not to mention she has warped ideas about makeup and thinks it is for whores or wearing a mask. Despite all the nice public comments she got. Also, not making the same past mistakes she made just aggravates her. I did not become a teen mom, stopped my education,and pick bad men. She let my insane father abuse me and laughed.
We talked for hours, and laughed all night.
I Hate it that tthey have it so easy! All they have to do is lay around and people will take care of them. They have the right to make others feel like shit and thy get away with it. Next time I got to a bar, i'm gonna punch the first Stuck up cunt i see.
i would love to shove my foot down her fucking throat, with ratty ass voice, fat cellulite ass and that ghetto nasty laugh she has. she annoys me so much, i don't know what the fuck he sees in her. i would love to tell her how much he makes love to me while she's slaving away bringing his kid to school and washing his dirty clothes. however i promise not to be a bitch, but everytime i see her i want to give her a piece of my mind. i am always on the lookout for if she does or says anything mean to me so i can get an excuse to get a stick and beat her ass. damn golddigger, why the fuck did he had to go get himself such a downgrade. all the bitch knows is how to make kids and sweep a damn house, stupid fucking illiterate. i can't wait for him to open his eyes and see what a waste of human life she is...
My friend of years and years has just had a baby. I fucking hate how much they go on about her, her pussy of a husband just cooing like a woman, they talk like my life is so fucking pathetic cos I'm 38 and don't wanna have kids. Anyway, the other day they left it with me while they went to have a fag, and they know i don't feel comfortable with it they just take advantage of me fucking being their. So im making every attempt i know how to play with this child who just wants anyone else but me and it is stressing me the fuck out. All it is doing is fucking crying and pulling away from me like Im hurting it. So i thought id fucking hurt it and i gave it a fucking chinese burn.


  1. Its called limbic resonance. the child can tell that you are upset, therefore it cries. It's contagious


  2. You know you've arrived when you can win a fight with an infant.


  3. Easy on the kid, or I'll come over and hurt you back for real myself.


i went to a gas station recently and bought a can of drink. i'd had some cocaine earlier in the night and was really thirsty. when i opened my drink it fizzed up all over me and my car- i was not happy!! my friend next to me, after he had stopped lauhghing, said he saw the teller shake my can up before selling it. i went absolutely nuts!! i don't like pakistani's at the best of times, but this sent me over the edge, i went back into the gas station and beat the paki fuck to within an inch of his life- he was twitching but had no pulse. i felt such a justice had been served, until my friend told me he was lying, and the pakistani teller didnt shake my drink up. i felt really bad, but then i reaslised he was a paki, and nobody needs a reason to kick the shit out of a paki, so roled a joint and drove off satisfied. i think he lived, but i never returned to the gas station to find out because i din't care.


  1. you racist fuck may you fall in love with an Indian girl and realize she's a "paki"...idiot


  2. "din't" care, or was afraid of getting arrested? *Note: tap the top of the can before you open it and you won't have to beat anyone up.


  3. You're nuts, you know? You need help. =)


I hate you u fucking bitch get the fuck over the damn girl its pathetic seeing you cry all the time grow the hell up. NO one likes you anymore and yes you HAVE been replaced, im tired of hearing your shit about how she stole jordan and all your friends, its your fucking fault for not taking the chance on him, and your such a shalow ass friend, your WAY to honest, and you always cross over that line of honest and rude your such a fucking bitch! i hope you get herpes and die of fucking aids!
your boyfriend is stupid, ugly, racist, insensitive, A COMNPLETE DOUCHEBAG and the most pathetic example of a human being I have had the severe misfortune to meet. if he comes near me, I'll kick his fat lard-filled ass. So save me all your bluster and shrill rage, and please, please just leave the piece of shit.
I fantasize about killing outgoing guys and girls that think they are all that. If I knew I wouldn't get caught I would most likely do it. Sometimes my anger gets so bad that I take it out on my dog. One time I injured my dog's tail on accident from slamming the door on it. The veterinarian had to cut part of it off because it was so bad. I felt horrible and wished I get so mad but sometimes I cant help it.


  1. You sick fuck.


I hate cold, shy, stupid guys!!! I mean... every girl dreams of this romantic sensitive guy but believe me... once that guy becomes your boyfriend... you'll see how whiny and silly they are. No more sensitive dreamy guys for me. Urgh!!!
I hate whiners. My life blew up in my face last year and I lost most things that were important to me. Why would you whine to me about being pregnant around me when you know that I lost my baby? I HATE YOU!


  1. someone whined to you about being pregnant and KNEW you lost a baby? that's really messed up. whoever that is is very selfish.


I HATE stupid people i can't stand them AAARRRGHH !!


  1. I hate people who are smart but ACT stupid for attention. Some people are naturally stupid, like me when it comes to math...


  2. Stupidity helps Sometimes. Just act stupid and it'll get you out of trouble.


I HATE stupid women that have children and are so damn selfish about finding a lover/boyfriend/husband that they dont even take their kids into consideration and when they find out that their children have been molested or abused by their man they are all shocked??? SINGLE WOMEN THAT HAVE CHILDREN: Dont rush into relationships to satisfy your own self. You have children to protect.


  1. I do too cuz I was one of those women and learned the hard way 9that not everyone has good intentions and can be trusted in your home). Luckily, I was not STUPID but wanted a relationship and saw the signs before anything happened. What about men with kids? Should they be worried over the women they sleep with molesting their children? It's possible. Don't be so quick to blame women.


  2. I agree completely.


I hate my brother's guts. The asshole keeps screwing everyone over in life and making our lives miserable but yet keeps shaking off the mud. Little does he know I convinced the parents to write him out of the will!


  1. Owned


  2. sucks to be him


I hate everyone. There is not one person in this world that I genuinely like. I want to kill. I feel lethal. But I don't know if I'll ever do it. Perhaps I just need some time...


  1. Make it useful to society in some way.Kill an entire gang or something. That would be win win.


My roommate has class today at 7:30 AM, his alarm just went off at 7 AM. He got up and hit the snooze button then got back in his bed. I'm about to go and turn his alarm off so he misses work and gets fired. I hope he can't find another job and has to move out. I fucking hate him.


  1. hehe. that sounds like something i would do


A girl I liked pissed me off, so I hacked her email, changed her passwords, and sent hate mail to her friends. Then I sent one to my own account and arranged for witnesses to see me open it to absolve me of all blame. She was suspicious of me, so I sent another one apologizing to myself for making her suspicious of me, again with witnesses. When she apologized, I was over the top with the understanding and sympathy and everyone thought I was a hero. Sometimes I feel really bad. A lot of the time I just feel really, really clever!


  1. wow...that's a lot of effort. Fair warning: a lot of girls in life are gonna piss you off, so you should probobly figure out a less obsessive way to deal with it.


  2. You SHOULD feel bad


  3. you bring art to life my friend. well done, sweet revenge!


  4. thats freakin hilarious!


Just because I don't want any kids of my own doesn't make me a selfish person. I love children. Why can't people see that not everyone is supposed to have children? People that don't really want kids go out and have them because society or parents or whoever tells them that they are "supposed" to have them. Then they regret it and mistreat or abuse the kids. Well, ain't nobody gonna make me have any. I don't want any and I think that makes me a wise person for standing up for myself and letting everyone know that I won't do it because they say I should. Sorry, but I'm not bringing any lives into this world. You want to have kids so your name will be preserved? Who's gonna give a shit? No one cares! Once you're dead you won't know you were here anyway!


  1. Doesn't sound greedy to me.


  2. I know what you mean. My mom is proud to have grandcats from me instead of grand kids. I see all of these people having children and they are too selfish to raise them properly, then the kids grow up with problems and do the same cycle to their kids. Its screwed up. I especially hate young mothers/fathers that pawn their kids off (all the time!) on everyone else just so they can go out to bars.When I tell people i have a hybrid cat (3 of my others are rescues) they give me this lecture like "you should have adopted from a shelter" and I'm thinking "you have your own children right? You should have adopted from an orphanage or third world country instead of bringing more assholes and monsters into the world." Thats just really selfish of people to keep breeding when there are so many problems and homeless children that will NEVER get a chance to have a life like we do... I totally agree with you 100% on not wanting to have kids. In fact, I th! ink the government should PAY people like us for not contributing to overpopulating.